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Cronus/ Eridan Horn Tutorial


Since my Eridan horns came out just a smidgen too big, I’ve decided to make another set and call these new ones my Cronus horns. :P 

This is a tutorial showing how the Cronus Horns were made. (you can pretty much use it to make any horns)

Posted because my silly Morail asked me to (he likes seeing the wacky way I do things), and because Tumblr peoples asked… and because I like helping people save moneys.. :33

Image heavy and long after the cut.. sorry.. :/

Sorry about the crappy cell phone pictures..

Stuff you’ll need:

  1. Two cylindrical pieces of wood. They should be as thin as your thumb, and between a third and a quarter of the length of your finished horns.. I used an old stick from my yard and cut it to size. image
  2. Two screws. they should be about a centimeter (or two) shorter than your wood length.. I used three inch ones I had around the house. :3image
  3. Wire. I should be thick and sturdy. I used an old dry-cleaning wire hanger.. but really any thick wire will work . ;3image
  4. Expanding foam. My sister bought this can at walmart for about $7 I think. She used it for a sword for a SAO cosplay. We still have a ton left even after I did the horns. :3image
  5. Tissue paper. I used some old brown tissue paper from one of the times my mom bought something.. (the stuff they use to wrap glass at stores)image
  6. Regular school glue. (I used a picture of Elmer’s I found via google, I couldn’t find mine) I used the cheap store brand though. (I’m a cheapass.. :33) image
  7. Plaster. THIS STUFF IS THE SHIT! No. Seriously. I use plaster for almost everything. (and no. It’s not just because it’s almost dirt cheap) This tub cost me $4 at Hobby Lobby.. I’ve had it for about a year now and I’ve used it for almost everything.. I still have 1/4 of the tub left..image
  8. Sandpaper. I used two kinds of grit. 220 (I got the cheapest I could find at walmart.. I was in a bit of a hurry right before a con so… yeah) and 600 (this stuff was NOT cheap.. I got it at an Auto Zone, I think… I could have just asked my dad for some.. but, I was in a hurry and my dad was at work and the store was 2 blocks away so… yeah…)imageimage
  9. Paint. I always mix the colors but these are the ones I used. Dandelion Yellow (20646), Spiced Carrot (21471), and an old bottle of Red Apple (20784) that I had from a previous project. :3 image


  1. Screwdriver. I have this handy ratchet one my Daddy bought me, but any works as long as it matches your screws. ;3image
  2. Pliers and Wire cutters. I used some for jewelry (bad idea if you’re working with a wire hanger and as weak as me… T.T) image
  3. Knife and/or Segmented blade. Make sure it’s one you don’t mind destroying.. I used one of my old ones because plaster REALLY REALLY dulls the blade. I also used it to cut the wood.. (So, yeah.. do NOT use one of your mom’s good kitchen knives) Segmented blades are $3 tops at walmart (call them box cutters or not ONE employee will know what you’re talking about.. -_-)image
  4. Paint brush. I used one of my big ones. (I paint better with the big ones) You’re gonna use this for the plaster too. (make sure you wash the plaster out before it dries)image

Other things you might want:

  1. A drill or dremel. Depending on how hard your wood is you might need it to make a hole. Not to mention the dremel will TOTALLY cut down your sanding time. (I’m looking at you J) I don’t have either so..
  2. Hot glue gun. If you have to drill a hole you’ll use this to secure the wire. (you’ll understand later. ;3)
  3. Spackle. You use this to fill in cracks.. I bought some because I had a horn malfunction at a con.. but you don’t really need it. In fact, I would only recommend you use it if you already have it lying around. If you don’t just use some superglue and set it with a pinch of baking soda. 

How to use this stuff: (FINALLY!!) :33

  1. First you’re gonna take your screws and well.. screw them into one end of your wood.(red circle) The wood I used was really soft, so I could do this by hand but you might need a drill (and some help) for it.
  2. Take your wire and push it into the opposite end of your wood (purple circle). If you’re using harder wood you’ll want a drill for this too. Just drill a hole wider than your wire and don’t go too deep (slightly less than a centimeter is fine)
  3. Then you’re gonna take the wire out of your piece of wood and cut the wood down to shape (use the blade, cut away from your body, and be careful it’s REALLY easy to cut yourself when cutting wood). For shorter horns I still suggest you make the notch (green box) but the rest you don’t really need.image
  4. Next you’ll take your wire and shape it. Then stick that bad boy back into your (newly shaped) wood. If you had to drill put some hot glue in the hole and then put your wire in. This is what mine looked like. :3 (I ended up fixing the shape of the wire up, but you get the gist)image
  5. Now it’s time for the expending foam. It’ll take a while to get it all on the wire   but if you can encase the wire with the foam there will be less of a chance of your foam falling off during the cutting process. image
  6. Prop it up somewhere to set. (2 hours is fine, but if you want to be safe about it  leave it over night)
  7. Once it’s set. Take your knife (segmented blade in my case) and cut it down. (you might wanna do this somewhere you can make a mess) Make sure the top (pink square) is at least a good centimeter a wider than your wood. (this comes into play later)image
  8. Now it’s time for PAPER MACHE!!
  9. No. seriously… Mix your glue in a one to one ratio (half glue, half water). Rip your tissue into pieces. (about an inch by an inch is what I use.) You can do what I do and use your brush to apply the glue, then stick the paper to it or.. you can do it how ever you want. You don’t need much thickness, three or four layers should be more than enough. Let it dry. It should look something like this when you’re done. :3image
  10. Now it’s (FINALLY) time for plaster!!
  11. WARNING: the plaster stage WILL get VERY messy. Do it outside or somewhere you can clean up easily, and wear old clothes
  12. Whatever you do, DO NOT do this near your computer. Plaster makes A LOT of dust when sanded and you DON’T want it to get in your computer. It could mess it up A LOT.
  13. You want to mix your plaster with just a little bit more water than the package recomends. (It should look like a smoothie, or a milkshake.) I usually apply it with my brush at the top then, use my fingers at the base. Oh, and make sure you only mix up a little at a time. It can harden really fast if you’re not careful. Try and keep it smooth but don’t nitpick.. It’ll all work out in the end. :Pimage
  14. Now this is the interesting part.. You’ll want the base of the horn (Blue square) to end up about the same thickness as the top (pink square). By doing that you’re making the base heavier than the top. That balances the horn. Making it WAY THE (sorry about my language) FUCK EASIER TO KEEP ON YOUR HEAD. (I’m not holding it. It’s just balancing, on it’s own, on the side of my hand)image
  15. Now take your blade and scrape the plaster down. You don’t need to do much just get rid of icky bumps and try to get it pretty smooth.. (saddly I have no pictures of this)
  16. Now take your 220 grit sand paper and dry sand the plaster. (tip of the day. Your sand paper WILL get icky and “useless” when sanding plaster. To fix this, find a dry rag made of towel material and rub the sand paper on it. It should clean it up and make it usable again. ;3) image
  17. Once you’ve got them nice and smooth take out your 600 grit sandpaper and a bowl with some water. WE’RE GOING TO WETSAND! :D
  18. To wetsand just make sure you keep your sandpaper moist at all times while sanding. (not soaking wet, but not too dry either) Use your fingers to see if it’s nice and smooth. (mine ended up smoother than my keyboard *-*)image
  19. Once you’re happy with them check for any cracks or little holes. (air bubble are the worst) To fix them you can use spackle, super glue and baking soda (the best fix for cracks, IMO) or even some more plaster. 
  20. Sand those parts smooth and you’re ready to Paint!
  21. I usually start with the yellow (add a drop of orange to a bunch of it)
  22. Then I mix the left over yellow with my orange (It makes it nice and bright)
  23. Then mix those leftovers with some red. (I try to aim for a dark orange, I don’t really like the way plain red looks) Those are just my personal preferances though. Feel free to paint them however you want. ;33 Here’s picture of one of the new ones next to an old one.. a BIG improvement IMO.image
  24. I highly suggest you add some clear sealer to protect your hard work. (They come in gloss, semi gloss, and matte. I like semi gloss. ;3) 
Now you’re done and ready to attach them. :33
Any questions? Feel free to ask. I always happy to help! :D

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